Love away the Winter Blues

Keota – Enough already, right? At least that is what many of us might be thinking about the relentless white sky, freezing temperatures, and precipitation that seems to not want to give up it’s hold on us this season. By the time mid-February comes around, it is typical to look forward to Spring in Iowa, but this year, there’s almost a quiet desperation in the air already. Since we can’t make the dates pass faster, and who really wants to wish away their life anyway, we might as well try to make the best of it again this year and rally for one last battle against the winter blues.

         When we can’t be warm, we can feel warm instead. How? By connecting with those around us who feel just as coped up as we do. Instead of zoning out with out typical media habits, why not organize an UNO, or Scrabble tournament the next time we find ourselves snowed in? Maybe invite the neighbors too and help someone else fight their own case of seasonal senility. Often spending time with people who understand how we feel just helps us feel better too.

         Speaking of feeling better, one of the major reasons we don’t feel our best in the winter is lack of sunlight. For some, this can actually lead to seasonal depression which is a bit harder to fight than a simple case of feeling ‘down in the dumps.’ Thankfully, there are some products on the market to help combat this problem. Often referred to as a ‘sun light’ or a ‘sun lamp,’ these special bulbs mimic rays of actual sunlight and can go a long way towards boosting energy levels and mood in some of those affected by lack of natural sunlight.


For the rest of this story, check out the February 13th issue of the Keota Eagle.