Local organizations plan improvements with help from Riverboat Foundation

On December 6, the Washington County Riverboat Foundation gave away 33 grants to local projects in Washington and surrounding communities through its competitive grant program.

Through this program, WCRF Board of Directors will distribute 75% of the annual donations it receives from the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in the form of grants. The Board of Directors holds two rounds of applications each year for this grant.

Many local organizations were lucky to get funding from this years grants, including the Washington County Library Association, Keota Community Schools, Keota Unlimited, Keokuk County Health Center, and the City of What Cheer.

Keota Community School district was the recipient of two separate grants, one for a technology update in the amount of $8,100 and another grant for the softball and baseball program for safety netting in the amount of $5,575.


The other grant will be for technology updates.


A third grant in Keota went to Keota Unlimited to help with the improvements at Wilson Park. For more about these grants, check out this weeks Keota Eagle