Letter to the Editor

To the Editor and the people of Keota,
As Thanksgiving draws near, our minds turn to the many things we have to be thankful for: family, friends, faith, shelter, our jobs. For each of us, the list may be a little different, but we must never forget community. Though I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (My sister is Marilyn (Charlie) Sieren) I am very grateful for the Keota community.
I was blessed to see the Veterans Day program put on by the Keota community and I tell you, I was very touched. I laughed, I cried and I was awed. The fact that the entire community came together to plan, perform, honor and attend this presentation is a true sign of community. I have never seen anything that has touched me more.
My father, Wilfrid N. Peiffer, proudly served his country in WWII along with so many others from the area. They have served in that war and in many other wars through out our countries history. I think it is just wonderful that these brave young men and women are being honored. Both with the Veterans’ Day program and with the planned memorial.
The memorial will be a permanent and lasting tribute to these brave soldiers for all they have done for us. And quite a tribute to the entire community for their hard work and effort to make this vision a reality. I hope that everyone will generously support this very worthy cause. Long live the memory of our brave soldiers. We live in the ‘Land of the Free” because of the Brave.
Once again Keota, well done. I applaud you!


Joyce Peiffer St. John
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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