Keota Speech has auditorium in laughter

Laughter filled the auditorium on January 17, as ten acts took to the stage in preparation for District Large Group Speech competition on Saturday, January 20.

Three group improv acts ranging from a space shuttle mission, driving too slow and getting pulled over and tight rope training, improv students were able to quickly get into their roles and have the crowd engrossed into their talent.

A freshman ensemble act entitled “The Secret Origin of Mojo Man” featured an act making a young man believe he had a special power of mojo to get the courage up to ask a young lady out that he had a crush on, only to find out from his friend that he really didn’t have powers after all.

“Super Hero Support Group” featured sophomores portraying superheroes who were going to let go of their superheroes only to discover that an evil doctor really was not helping them. Can they group together to stay super?

An ensemble-acting group of freshman girls entitled “Christmas Machine” featured a saleswoman coming to town encouraging all of the town’s people to buy several items to get into the Christmas spirit, for them to discover after it’s to late that those items are not what brings the spirit of Christmas after all.

“Breaking Badly” showed several instances of couples taking “a break” from relationships, trying to sell their services to what they feel is a customer needing their services, only to feature a twist in the end.

“Trailer Park Broadcasting Scandals” features a group of sophomore girls that host a radio talk show from the trailer park, featuring all the joys of living in a small yet nosy community, including the church lady trying to evict a belly dancer teacher from the park and a love lesson for a man in love with his remote control. This group will have you wondering how things really happen in down south trailer parks.

“How Angel Peterson Got His Name” features a group of freshman gentleman who take a group ice skiing in hopes of breaking a world record. What could go wrong? Well, basically, everything.  This reader’s theater will feature a group of young men, wax, and skis at a high rate of speed.

Finishing out the night was a One Act Play entitled “Scooter Thomas Makes It To The Top Of The World” While Dennis packs for his friend Scooter’s funeral he recalls their relationship in brief scenarios and how their relationship and lifestyles led to a friendship that ended with Scooter’s suicide. This play will touch audiences young and old.

Seven out of the ten performances received I ratings at district speech and will be moving on to state performances on February 3 at Linn-Marr School in Cedar Rapids.

All of the photos form the home presentations are available for purchase at .