Halle's hair ties to benefit children's hospital

After learning about how to run a business and work with money, Halle Heisdorffer asked her mother Jillian, about having a garage sale. Since Jillian makes frequent donations to Goodwill and due to time constraints, she decided that this would not be an option for Halle.

During her seventh birthday party in July, Halle and friends were able to make their own hair ties in which all of the girls were able to take them home with them. Again for Halloween, Halle made hair ties.

In October Jillian was asked to be a part of the Keota Vendor Fair, and she thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to let Halle participate and make money as well. Halle was excited to get started on making these hair ties for the December 2 event. However, the family decided to go one step further and turn this into providing a chance to help with a cause that is close to the family.

“I had mentioned the idea of donating half of the money somewhere and she liked that idea. I asked her who she wanted to donate to and she chose the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital (SFCH). She told me the reason she chose there was because she had received care at the Emergency Department and the Cornea Clinic, for an eye injury.” Jillian said. “Another reason was that she had a friend who spent an extended amount of time on one of the Peds Units. She thought there were other kids that haven't gotten to go home, who would benefit from her donation. After she made this decision, I did some research and discovered that SFCH had a wishlist for donated items.”

The Heisdorffer’s then decided to use the money to purchase items off of the list as the final donation.

“We are hoping to do that by the end of January,” Jillian said. To read more about this project, pick up the Keota Eagle.