EagleRock starts strong

After bad weather put a hold on the EagleRock! Lasagna dinner Thursday, community members filed out to support the show choir members on Friday before the basketball game. This lasagna dinner was one of the fundraisers that the show choir group uses throughout the year to raise money for costumes and competitions.

On Saturday, EagleRock members travelled for the first competition of the year, placing First Place in 1A division.

“You know that your team did well when Rich Baker, who helps me at performances, comes up to me backstage to say ‘I am going to be hard on them- they were awesome’ and you know that they were awesome,” director Jane Edwards said.

Anna Ackermann-Auxme was also selected during the competition as outstanding performer.

EagleRock can be seen in full swing action again during the Keota show choir competition on January 29, starting at 4 p.m. For more covereage on EagleRock! throughout the season, subscribe today!