Eagle Skills provides multi-generation bonding

Held on rotating Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Eagle Skills is a new program hoping to work on building relationships between students at Keota and residents of the Keota Health Care Center.

Beginning at 3:45 p.m. students are able to go to the center and meet one on one with residents in this multi-generational program, which focuses on relationship building skills as well as cognitive development activities.

Students and their resident focus on activities such as puzzles, crafts, and games like checkers and Jenga.

“It is amazing when you can find a cognitively challenged resident playing BINGO with a student,” a staff member of Keota Health said.

Niccole Gibberson, assistant activity director, said that Wii Bowling has become popular with a few residents.

“You can see how much the residents love the interaction with the kids,” Gibberson said. “When the program first started you could tell that the students were a little apprehensive and nervous, but they have definitely warmed up.”

The goal of the program is to switch which residents are working with students weekly and also which students work with which residents so they get to all know one another.

“If a certain combination works, there is a possibility of keeping the student and resident paired together. An example is that right now there is a resident who is really developing a bond with a student,” Gibberson said. “The program will continue to grow and get better, we are learning as we go.”