Digitization project set to begin

What started as a small project, has now developed into a much larger project involving 13 local community libraries, including Wilson Memorial Library in Keota.

The recent grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation will help make the final steps for the digitization of local newspapers a reality in the communities of Ainsworth, Brighton, Columbus Junction, Crawfordsville, Kalona, Keota, Lone Tree, Richland, Riverside, Washington, Wayland, Wellman, and Winfield.

“Both Kalona and Winfield had already begun this process. The Kalona Historical Society already had done digitizing in the past, but needed to update in order to be current. Winfield had already begun the process of digitization, but needed a platform,” Washington librarian Debbie Stanton said. “We discovered when we began looking into this project that several communities were interested in the project as well but were scared to take on such a large project on their own.”

Along with the digitization of the papers, readers will be able to access the papers through iahistory.com, which holds a repository of all of the digitized papers in the state of Iowa.

“We are simply building a platform in southeast Iowa and any library in the area would be able to join now simply by funding the digitizing of their own local newspapers,” stated Stanton. For more about the project, check out this weeks edition of The Keota Eagle.