Council kicks off 2018

The Keota City council met on January 3 for the first meeting of 2018. Opening with the public hearing for budget amendment, city clerk Tomisha Hammes- Sprouse reported there were no verbal or written comments to the amended budget for the year, so the hearing was closed.

Mayoral appointments were made by mayor Tony follows: Mayor: Anthony Cansler; Pro-Tem: Keith Conrad; Council: Keith Conrad, Matt Greiner, Mike Bender, Scott Westendorf, Rod Hill; Employees: Doug Conrad - Chief of Police, Kevin Slaubaugh - Public Works Director/Water License, Craig Frederick - Sewer & Water License, Tomisha Hammes - Clerk. Library: Toni Greiner - Library Director, Nancy Byers - Assistant Librarian, Norma Richardson - Assistant Librarian. Library Board: Nick Mahan – President, Rachel Klein - Vice President, Sandra Stephens – Secretary, Candy Greiner - Treasurer; Phyllis Wright, Karen Dickinson, Ann Greiner, Connie Vincent, Linda Allaman. Museum Board: Karen Sypherd – President, Wanda Baumert - Vice President, Gail Hendericks – Treasurer, Dan Flynn, Jill Baetsle, Larry Sanders, Marilyn Luers. City Attorney: Scott Flynn and Robert Michael; Emergency Management Committee: Doug Conrad and Keith Conrad – Alternate; Building Official/Zoning Administrator: Keith Conrad; County Assessor Council: Anthony Cansler; 911 Board: Kevin Miller and Jared Striegel Library Liaison: Matt Greiner; Museum Liaison: Matt Greiner; Fire Department Liaison: Rod Hill; Community Development Committee: Scott Westendorf; KCCEF Representative: Mike Bender; Official Depository: Libertyville Savings Bank; Depository Limits: One Million Dollars; Official Newspapers: The Keota Eagle & The Washington Evening Journal.

Kevin Slaubaugh reported that he has not purchased any salt this year, and the city is down to 20 percent. He said he was planning to use what they had to get rid of it, and hoped that would be adequate for the year. He reported that the city spent a majority of the day Monday, January 1, working on a water main break on the corner of Washington and Iowa.  He also reported that a business has a water leak, but that it was in their facility and not in the cities water lines.

Police Officer Conrad gave a break down of his yearly calls during his report, stating that a majority of calls over the 2017 year were burglary, sex crimes and drug related charges. He reported that during the months of November and December he tried to keep a log of daily calls and on average he would receive approximately 12 calls for service daily. For more information on this story, subscribe online or pick up this weeks Keota Eagle.